[non - kawr-per-it]

Word Origin - Adj. not of or for belonging to a corporation or corporations and adhering to the status quo

Noun. a bond issued with yourself and any brand, company you choose to associate yourself with

Now that we have the definition, let’s talk about what this really means. Corporate America...the world some of us aspire to become a part of or the world some of us fall into. A world not for the faint hearted. There is a certain status quo that comes with being in the Corporate world and with that comes rules and routine, but what happens when you break the status quo? Just envision an environment that actually facilitates creativity, cultivation, collaboration and most of all change. You get our definition of Non-Corporate.

The intrapreneur.

The entrepreneur.

The hustler.

People who are natural go-getters who choose not to limit themselves and use their creative lens to influence, inspire and integrate. With a Non-Corporate mentality we aim to marry our many passions in an effort to walk in our purpose. We encourage you to walk in yours!